Founded in 1986, the André Group has 35 years of experience in several areas: residential and industrial automation, road control, auto repairs and security systems.

In the first 24 years of existence, the group was made up of companies in areas related to mechanics and technology. During this period there was an involvement with a wide range of markets, which allowed us to obtain extensive experience with leading countries in various areas, such as automation and automotive mechanics. In this way, the group solidified the knowledge that allowed us to improve, not only our products, but also the service and monitoring provided.

In 2010, all companies were acquired and merged into one, thus creating Motorline Electrocelos. This step made it possible to unify all the know-how acquired in the different areas, based on a new strategy centered on product quality and design with a service focused on customer satisfaction, in order to provide a unique and exclusive experience.


Area dedicated to the development and production of systems for the automation of homes, industries and road control.

Auto Workshop

The auto repair shop, the oldest sector in the group, better known as Electroandré. It offers plating, painting, mechanics and auto electricity services.


Area dedicated to the commercialization and installation of residential and industrial security material. The services available are: anti-theft systems, fire detection, video surveillance and surround sound

Quality and Environment Policy


SGS Certificate

The NP EN ISO9001 certification is the recognition of our focus on keeping the company’s conduct sustainable and responding to customer expectations, ensuring his satisfaction. It means that the quality patterns of our products and services comply the internacional requirements, ensuring a high reliability and efficiency on the service that is provided to our customers.