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How to add a device portal license

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Condominium Management

Manage multiple devices without traveling

Through the Portal, you can easily manage all your devices without having to travel or send SMS.

Through the Portal, you can easily manage all your devices without having to travel or send SMS.

You no longer need to go to the M200 to add, edit or delete users.

Check the location of each M200

Through the Portal, you can check all your M200 on a map and, with a simple click, access the device page.


Schedule weekly routines

Select, for each day of the week, the time you want the gate or door to open.

Select exception days

Choose the days on which you do not want the routines to be performed, such as holidays, “bridges” and others.

Select moveable feast

Select moveable feast (whose day changes every year, such as Easter) on which routines will not be executed.

Select vacation range

Select a range of days in which routines will not be performed, such as a company closing for holidays.

User profiles

You can create user profiles, for example a profile for “Visitors” with different restrictions to make it easier to add new users.

Check history

You can check who controlled or attempted to control the M200 or whether routines were performed.

Creation of Administrators

You can associate “Administrators” to help you manage your devices.

Local accommodation

Visitor access management

Add “Visitors” only during a time interval (you can remove them at the end of the interval) and on certain days of the week. You can also restrict access to just one door or gate.

Check status remotely

Easily and remotely check whether the door or gate is open or closed.


Manage alarms

Activate, deactivate and configure your alarm remotely.

Email notifications

Receive email notifications whenever:

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