The new FORT is an automation that can be applied in gates up to 400Kg. It is a column-shaped engine, with a RGB flashing light embedded at its top, informing the state of the gate maneuver.

Important documentation

55 RPM
Intensive use

Adjustable pinion

Thanks to the adjustable pinion that this automation has, it is possible to have greater flexibility in the area of application of the rack when installing it.

The FORT pinion is prepared to go up or down 10mm from the center of its standard position.

Unique features

“FORT is a column motor for sliding gates with characteristics that distinguish it from the rest of the market, such as:

1 – Built-in RGB flashing light
2 – Aluminum safe
3 – Manufactured according to each customer’s preferences, from color to height
4 – Engine with a capacity of 400kg
5 – Emergency unlock”

Kit composition

  • 1 230Vac or 24Vdc motor
  • 2 FALK Remote controls
  • 1 set of Photocells
  • 1 Control board
  • Mounting Accessories
  • 2 12Vdc/1.2AH (24 Vdc) Batteries
  • 1 TRF80VA-230V/110V (24 Vdc) transformer


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