MC410 | MC410STK

Control board developed to work with 400Vac three-phase motors up to 1500W. Ideal for application on STARK, KVM115 e KVM2020 motors:

  • Standardization of Motorline® menus with the possibility of selecting the type of application (sectional or sliding gate)
  • Possibility of adjusting the motor force
  • Soft start adjustment (decreasing motor’s current at the start, reducing the impact on the mechanical parts and the motor)
  • Phase failure detection
  • Soft stop that allows decrease gate inertia when it reaches the limit switches
  • Force regulation at the soft stop
  • Manual or automatic course programming
  • Output for RGB flashing lamp or door ́s status signal
  • Equipped with emergency button, 2 pairs of photocells with different uses and limit switches
  • Multifunction dry contact output with a maximum capacity of 7A.
  • Ability to store up to 200 remote controls (100 complete opening and 100 pedestrian)
  • Possibility of adjusting courtesy light time up to 99 minutes
  • “Follow me” function – closing order 5 sec. after the photocell device is activated
  • Maneuver counter
  • Remote programming
  • Human presence
  • Pedestrian opening
  • Electronic brake

Important Documentation

  • General Information
  • Technical Data
  • Technical Draw


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