MCS01 / MS01

Control board developed to work together with traffic control lights in narrow places with double direction, for example, entrances and exits of garages, tunnels or bridges.

Main features:

  • It allows to define the time that each light remains on, as well as to choose the initial color of each traffic light
  • Operate with two or three color traffic lights
  • Choose the polarity of the inputs (NO or NC)
  • Power supply to the control board and traffic lights made independently, allowing the use of different voltages

It has 4 operating modes:

  • Park capacity mode: the lights alternate through detectors and is able to memorize the number of vehicles that have entered into a park, up to a maximum of 99
  • Timer mode: the lights alternate when they reach the set time
  • Detector mode: the lights alternate through detectors
  • Motorline mode: the switching of lights is controlled by an external board

Important documentation

  • General Information
  • Technical Draw

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