Standalone reader to perform access control, that is, it works independently, without the need for integration with any controller board. This Reader can be controlled locally, but also controlled by the M-ACCESS software where all records are centralized, thus facilitating their application in all locations. This equipment has innovative and reliable features.

  • For indoor use
  • Numeric keypad with night lighting.
  • Ligação TCP/IP ou Wifi (w/MPX-Wifi)
  • Supports 20.000 users
  • Anti-Passback function
  • Optional use of the software. Registrations can be made directly in the reader or in the software.
  • Possibility of connection with external sensors, such as door sensor and box sensor.
  • Supports Wiegand readers for joint connection as a slave reader.
  • Compatible with the Mobile App mCard Access Motorline for use with Bluetooth technology.

Complete solution that allows a quick control of visitors and employees, whether in access to a space or to several buildings.

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