Reader developed for use with MRAC controller board, which allows a quick control of visitors and collaborators, whether in access to a space or to several buildings.

  • For indoor use
  • Standalone lighting with motion detection.
  • Communication to MRAC via RS485.
  • High security MIFARE card reader
  • Used with the Dynamic QR Code of the Mobile mCard Access Motorline App.
  • Possibility of delimiting the operating time of each user.

With a modern design and recessed on the wall, this QR Code reader is recommended for use in hotels because of its great versatility of use. This QR Code reader works together with the mobile mCard application. With a super secure QR Code that changes constantly, the access to any location becomes much simpler. Its use in a hotel facilitates the management for authorization to a specific location, as you only need to install the Mobile App at check-in and you are ready.

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