Ideal radar for large dimension doors, such as rapid doors, which can be installed up to 6.5m high. With detection technology capable of differentiating personas and vehicles, reducing openings in the wastelands, thereby making the energy lost.
Main features:

  • Unidirectional detection technologies and movements parallel to the sensor reduce the opening time of the door and prevent the sensor from activating the movement unwantedly
  • Detection of people, objects and static vehicles carried out with precision through the safety curtain formed inside and around the door closing area
  • Can be configured to detect only the passing of vehicles, forcing people to use an alternative door or activate only when necessary via button
  • It has a waterproof structure – IP65 – so it can be installed in more adverse environments
  • Anti-vibration technology that cancels possible sensor activations caused by door vibrations
  • Dual functionality of the mounting bracket that allows it to be mounted to the ceiling and the wall, makes it flexible for installation
  • Snow detection mode – snow mode – to prevent the door from being opened unintentionally
  • It has a safety curtain that prevents the door from closing, protecting pedestrians from high-speed movements

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