MX14 / MR14

The MX14 and MR14 devices are a solution developed for the prevention of accidents related to automations, according to the EN 12978 standard requirement, such as:

  • Crush
  • Impact
  • Guillotine effect
  • Damage of objects

The MX14 is a transmitter that communicates wirelessly with the MR14 receiver, up to 100m in the open field, powered by batteries or rechargeable batteries by solar panel.
It allows the connection of 8k2 safety edges and safety device of dry contact, or the use of an accelerometer.
When any of the connected devices is activated, this transmitter sends a signal to the MR14 receiver.

The MR14 receiver is a wireless receiver for management of various transmitters MX14.
When receiving information from the transmitter, it communicates with the automation control board through cable, to be given order to stop or reverse the automation.

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