With an innovative and modern design, the PERSA was developed for automation of leaf gates with leaves up to 3m. This motor has adjustable opening and closing limit-switches. Available in 230V, 110V and 24V.

Important Documentation

-25ºC ~ +65ºC

Aluminum structure

With an aluminum structure, PERSA defines itself as a very powerful, reliable and safe engine.

It was developed for installations in places with more adverse weather conditions that may cause damage or situations that affect the normal operation of the automation, such as:

1 – Dusts
2 – Snow
3 – Heavy rain

Under arm course

PERSA is a swing motor that stands out for not having an extendable arm.

Its course is done under the arm which gives it an irreverent and modern design.

It has a maximum course length of 400mm

Kit composition

  • 2 110Vac, 230Vac or 24Vdc motors
  • 2 FALK remote controls
  • 1 set of fhotocells
  • 1 Control board
  • Mounting Accessories
  • 1 12Vdc/1.2AH battery (24 Vdc)
  • 1 TRF80VA-230V/110V transformer (24 Vdc)

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