Occupancy control system to monitor entrances and exits of a building automatically and in real time.

It allows blocking access once the limit of people inside the building is reached, unlocking only after a new exit.

In this solution, a monitor or tablet can also be added for the intuitive visualization of the location occupation.

This system is ideal for access control in malls and supermarkets, as it allows the control of all doors connected to the same system.

Main features:

  • Control up to 12 different doors
  • Recommended placing the sensor at 2.5m high
  • No limit on viewing screens
  • Reached the limit of people, this blocks all entries
  • Controlled by mobile phone application or software

This solution can be combined with CAMCARE, the innovative temperature reading and mask detection system. That way you can make a strict control of the entrances in the buildings.

Important Documentation

Real-time control
Intuitive visualization of occupation
Easy to implement
Automatic entry lock and unlock
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