Developed in aluminum, SIGMA-X barrier stands out for its unique design. It has a zinc plated steel structure, raising its level of safety, lined with removable aluminum profiles, facilitating access by installers to its mechanics and electronics.

The universe of barriers has a new shape.

Important Documentation

24 Vdc
-25ºC ~ 55ºC

With reversible boom

Developed and produced in Portugal, the SIGMA electromechanical barrier has an innovative design that allows not only removing all its profiles, but also installing the barrier on both the right and left sides.

This way you don’t need a new barrier when the need arises to change your maneuvering side.

In addition, the boom has a standard RGB tape that signals the barrier’s maneuvers

Complete barrier

SIGMA X is equipped with mechanical and electronic features that make it one of the best barriers on the market in its segment, such as:

1 – Built-in RGB flashing light

2 – Twilight sensor that activates the amber LEDs

3 – Adjustable speed

4 – Extendable boom from 4 to 6 meters, with RGB tape as standard and prepared for the placement of safety edge

5 – Easy-to-adjust mechanical stops, which eliminate the need to adjust limit switches

Kit Composition

  • 1 24Vdc motor
  • Extendable aluminum boom
  • 2 FALK Remote controls
  • 1 Photocells Set
  • 1 Control board
  • Built-in RGB flashing light
  • Lighting on the boom


SIGMA-X - The universe of barriers has a new shape

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