The TELICA is a reduced size articulated automatism for use in spaces with reduced space. Designed for gates with leaves up to 2,5m each.
This motor is produced in 230V, 110V and 24V. An electric lock should be applied to metal plated gates.

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Telica is a motor that adapts to all types of installation thanks to its innovative design with modern lines. Furthermore, it guarantees excellent resistance to adverse weather conditions.

Its articulated arm, allows constant regulation of impact forces and immediate detection of obstacles. Has an IP54 protection level and the ability to work in environments with minimum temperatures down to -25°C, making it ideal for areas with frost and snowfall.


Simple, versatile and with a modern design, the Telica is an articulated automation of small dimensions, with a width of only 15cm, which allows its installation on narrow pillars or in places with limited space.


  • 2 Articulated motors
  • 2 FALK Remote controls
  • 1 Photocells Set
  • 1 Control board
  • Mounting Accessories
  • 1 12Vdc/1.2AH battery (24Vdc)
  • 1 TRF80VA-230V/110V transformer (24Vdc)

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