We have a complete range of swing gate motors with elegant design and innovative raw materials. This type of automations, electromechanical, articulated or underground, allow rotary opening through axis or hinges, with 1 or 2 sheets of various weights and without limit switch or with electric limit switch.Explore our solutions and find the right automation for you.

Our line of motors for sliding gates has numerous solutions for home or industry. Developed for entrances with the most varied dimensions, gates of various weights, inclined accesses or limited spaces.Find the solution that best suits your needs.

Our wide range of automation for sectional gates offers ideal solutions for use in residential or industrial applications. We have motors for application directly to the spring shaft, traction to the panel and parallel to the shaft with current attack.

Automatic barriers and bollards, to control the traffic on roads, car parks and city or historical areas.The barriers are especially suitable for areas of intensive passage, due to its rapid opening (3-6sec) and construction with materials of high strength and durability!

Our high-speed doors are designed with the industrial and commercial sector in mind, as they allow you to pass through extremely quickly, to improve spaces temperature and to get energy savings for buildings.

Glass automatic door of lateral opening, for vains with intensive passage of people. These doors are normally used in hotels, comercial and public services areas, and others.

Products for automation of shutters and skylights. These automatisms have been specially designed for the hard-to-reach areas in which they are normally located.

Automation range for blinds, curtains and rolling grilles. Find here the perfect solution for your residencial or business applications!

Automations developed to stop the spread of fire and smoke, as well as allowing people safe access to evacuation zones.

Discover the useful accessories designed to optimize the operation of automations for swing pedestrian doors.