High-speed Doors

Our high-speed doors are designed with the industrial and commercial sector in mind, as they allow you to pass through extremely quickly, to improve spaces temperature and to get energy savings for buildings.

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It has 1 reinforcing crosspiece which allows it to withstand low air pressures. It is suitable for industry and commerce and has its own white lacquered profiles, a high quality electrical controlboard and frequency inverter.
Three-phase 370W power motor for intensive use.

This rapid door stands itself in the market as a solution between the ECO rapid door and the ROLL-UP rapid door. This door adds more options to our range of products, in order to always offer the best solution to your customers.

This rapid door can have between 3 to 6 reinforcement crossbars (through the dimension) allowing it to withstand medium air pressures. It is suitable for industry and commerce, having its own profiles in white lacquered aluminum, high quality motor reducer, electric panel and frequency variator.
Three phase motor 400V with 750W of power, for intensive use.

Rapid door prepared for intensive use, which repairs itself when the tarpaulin shifts from the guides. This is possible through frames developed and tested to operate with maximum safety.

With reinforcing crossways, from 50 to 50 cm, this rapid door is suitable for areas with high air pressure. At the technological level it has a high-quality electrical board and reducer, frequency inverter and three-phase motor of 400V, 1100W, 1500W or 2200w varying with the size of the door.

Microwave radar ideal for large doors and places with high ceilings, which can be installed up to 7m high. It has detection technology capable of differentiating people and vehicles, reducing unwanted openings, thus saving energy loss.

Ideal radar for large dimension doors, such as rapid doors, which can be installed up to 6.5m high. With detection technology capable of differentiating personas and vehicles, reducing openings in the wastelands, thereby making the energy lost.

Accessories for Rapid Doors