Roller Shutters

Automation range for blinds, curtains and rolling grilles. Find here the perfect solution for your residencial or business applications!

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Designed for blinds and curtains, interior or exterior, allows the application of several accessories to operate with all types of tubes.
It is available in various diameters (35, 45, 59 and 92), with or without built-in control board and with or without manual crank.

Adaptor compatible with all TUB E motors and with all the following profiles (Ø80.5, Ø70, Ø58, Ø53.5)

Roller Shutter Accessories

Rolling motors designed for safety grilles. They are extremely robust motors and are prepared to wind up grids up to 360KG with an electric brake.

CSV100 – External unlock security box, with cylinder european lock.
CSV200 – With the same features as the CSV100, we added an electric switch for opening/closing.