Automations for Traffic Control

Automatic barriers and bollards, to control the traffic on roads, car parks and city or historical areas.
The barriers are especially suitable for areas of intensive passage, due to its rapid opening (3-6sec) and construction with materials of high strength and durability!

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Developed in aluminum, SIGMA-X barrier stands out for its unique design. It has a zinc plated steel structure, raising its level of safety, lined with removable aluminum profiles, facilitating access by installers to its mechanics and electronics.

The SIGMA-X8 is an iron barrier, with an extendable boom from 5,5 to 8 meters, designed for industrial sectors with large passage spans.

Barrier ideal for traffic control by blocking the passage. The SIGMA-XS5 is an electromechanical barrier for intensive use (ventilated motor) that has an aluminum bar with a maximum length of 5 meters. The bar is made up of uprights for vertical protection.

The SIGMA-XA5 is an electromechanical barrier for intensive use (ventilated motor). It has an articulated aluminum bar, composed of two profiles of 2.5m, totaling a length of 5m that makes this barrier in the perfect solution for the control of traffic in interiors, such as underground parking.

The MBM6 (KBM6) barrier is an intensive use electromechanical barrier (ventilated motor), ideal for traffic control, etc.
Its extensible aluminum bar, between 3.6m and 6m, makes this product a versatile solution for almost any situation.

CHAINLIFT is an automatic chain barrier, ideal for road control. It is an automation with 2 automated pillars at 24Vdc for intensive use, made of resistant aluminum and lacquered in matt black (other RAL colors available).

This electromechanical pillar was developed for traffic control, limitation of passage of vehicles in historical areas, etc. Its integral construction in stainless steel and PVC makes it an anti-vandalism pillar, suitable for being buried in the ground.

Available in 3 heights (400, 600 and 800mm), this fixed pillar serves as an obstacle between two or more electric pillars. With this solution, you can make a more economic passage management installation. With a simple and pleasant design, it easily inserts in any environment, fruit of its construction in brushed stainless steel.

Control board developed to work together with traffic control lights in narrow places with double direction, for example, entrances and exits of garages, tunnels or bridges.

Twilight sensor compatible with all Motorline technology.

Accessories for Electromechanical Barriers