Receivers and Emitters

Receivers developed mostly for safety doors and systems. They allow you to increase the memory for remote control to your control boards and create a wireless connection between security bands and control boards.

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Controller for 8k2 resistive safety bands and optical safety bands.

The MX14 and MR14 devices are a solution developed for the prevention of accidents related to automations, according to the EN 12978 standard requirement.

Receiver with 2 channels monostable and bistable; With box;
Accepts up to 500 Rolling Codes.

Receiver of one channel that operates in monostable and bistable mode, capable of storing up to 500 12 bit or Rolling-Code.

Receiver that allows the incorporation of external controls, photocells, among other accessories that are not standard in Motorline kits.

Receiver for 30 transmitters.
It can incorporate MC230 /MC400 / MR12 control boards.

Multifunction module for the opening pedestrian doors, by remote control Receiver for managing lighting;
Timer Relay;
High consumption locks manager;
Connection interface from 8K2 Safety edge to any control board.

Transmitter that allows connection of the obstacle detection kit, as well sending signal of the operating state of the automation and provides a longer battery life.

Magnetic plastic contact for service door.