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About Motorline Professional

Motorline Professional is an experienced and dynamic brand that develops and produces automation systems for homes, industries and traffic control.

The brand is represented in more than 50 countries through 15000 distributors and professionals officially specialized in the installation of the products, making sure that safety and quality standards required by Motorline are fullfilled.

In the 35 years of existence of the brand, differentiating strategies have been developed that value the design and functionality of the products. Therefore, there is a constant demand for sustainable and efficient materials, as well as the implementation of new production methods, with the ultimate goal of providing quality products at competitive prices.

“During all these years, we work to reach a high quality level, in order to satisfy the biggest demands of the world market.”

André Viana Founder & CEO

Motorline simplifies your day-to-day with the safety and reliability of the products.

Our missão

  • Make your life more comfortable and simple
  • Constant search to make available the most sustainable materials
  • Provide durable products at competitive prices
  • Monitor installers and resellers in their activities
  • Ensure all products support materials to our customers

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